Luxury Homes & Renovations

The Smoothest Home Building/Renovation Experience You’ve Ever Had

Providing exceptional construction services from the Gold Coast to Brisbane

If you have a Gold Coast or Brisbane residential property that you want to update or start from scratch, then our luxury home services could be for you.

There’s no denying that coordinating between a number of stakeholders and contractors, all with different interests and level of commitment, can be challenging. When it comes to dealing with the trades and the necessary paperwork that comes along with it, it can be enough to bring on an instant headache for home owners.

If you’re looking to make changes to a property between Gold Coast to Brisbane,  there are myriad components that need to be considered before you can press go on the project depending on the extent of works and location. 

Our team take care of the entire design and construction process—from initial concepts, engaging consultants, obtaining the relevant approvals, through to completing the physical works on the property.  

Solutions we provide:

Initial site assessment and subsequent compilation and management of any developmental constraints that may impede the construction process such as third party risk to title or dispute from other parties

A review of any legal title information and any salient surveys required i.e. soil or structural

Engagement of relevant consultants and contractors and negotiation of costs for their services

Assembly of the site as a construction site to meet legal requirements

Coordinating with local council and any statutory bodies to secure relevant approvals

Site manager to oversee the entire project and facilitate a smooth operation from beginning through to completion

Project management and/or completion of physical works

Let us manage your next Luxury Home or Renovation project