Back to Base Building

Out with the Old, In with the New — Back to Base Building Solutions

Simple and hassle free back to base building Gold Coast to Brisbane

Our back to base building solutions will quickly and painlessly return a property to optimum condition. When one tenancy comes to an end, sometimes it is part of the lease requirements to put return the property to its original condition or the commercial property owner simply wants to remove internal fit outs that may impede the further rental opportunities for businesses of a different nature. With GorisCo looking after your back to base building works, this process becomes simple and hassle free.

Back to Base Building as part of a Tenancy Agreement

If part of your tenancy agreement requires you to take the property back to its original condition we can look after the entire process with a detailed breakdown to help you stay afoot of your budget and completion of works in a quick and no-fuss manner.

Back to Base Building as the Landlord

If you’re looking to add value to a property before leasing, or simply ensure optimum rental opportunities, we can provide advice on the best approach while remaining as cost-effective as possible. You may also be required to provide a dilapidation report that details the current condition of a premises when a lease begins or completes and we’ll make sure that’s taken care of for you too.

back to base building
back to base building outside

We can restore any building to it’s original condition