Office Refurbishment: Is it really necessary?

office refurbishment

Office Refurbishment: Is it really necessary?

When we’ve been in a space for a while, it’s easy to grow accustomed to the surroundings, whatever state they are in. We don’t see the peeling paint or notice the stains in the carpet and work around the dodgy kitchen cupboards that are leaning out of their frames with old age. But working in a tired space is uninspiring and with a shifting focus in the working world towards an employee centric approach (read this fascinating article by Forbes magazine on why the future of work is all about the employee experience), more and more employers are realising that the work environment is fundamental to employee productivity.

You might think that the physical environment would have nothing to do with an employee’s productivity and motivation, but you’d be wrong. Evidence suggests a strong correlation between worker wellbeing and performance—and the physical environment is a large part of this. Various reports, including the Gensler Workplace Index, Steelcase, and The Leesman Index detail the connection between productivity, business performance metrics and the physical work environment. Employees will be more productive, better engaged, healthier and happier if they relish and like the space they are working within.

So how can employers tailor their workspace to be more employee centric?

Research suggest the key lies in having options. It’s not simply about having cubicles or not cubicles, an open floor plan or something entirely unique—it’s about having multiple options for the employee to choose from. The most progressive office spaces have cubicles, an open environment, smaller meeting rooms, a conference space and presentation areas, and employees are able to choose from all of them on any given day.

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